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Do you need a private chauffer to drive your car for your daily routine, family, and/or business?
Do you want your transportation in your car to be convenient, safe and personalized?
Have you ever really had a driver or chauffer who really complimented and maintained your car and your schedule?
Does your life revolve around special occasions, business meetings, shopping, and social events?
Is making sure your vehicles are well maintained, securely parked, and correctly repaired a burden?
Do you know how to keep transportation costs low while giving you options for travel arrangements?
Is it important to have a courteous, licensed, professional team serving your transportation needs?
ABC NYC PERSONAL CHAUFFEUR Inc. is the nationís leading provider of professional chauffeurs who drive the clientís car.

ABC NYC PERSONAL CHAUFFEURED SERVICES offers a wide arrange of personal transportation services.

From driving your car short term/long term to finding our clients long term convenient parking to making sure you vehicle is safe from damages and exorbitant parking fees. Another service our clients find useful is our maintenance of their vehicles in terms of routine inspections, fluid changes, and repairs due to malfunction, breakdown or basic wear and tear. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients vehicle in as top condition as we keep our fleet vehicles. And no one keeps a car cleaner than us.

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ABC NYC Concierge Service
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