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Hi there 
It's very easy for me to provide a recommendation for Russell Figaredo - 
throughout the year and a half I have been calling on him he has
provided nothing but exemplary service. His entire fleet of drivers
provides professional, punctual, and friendly service in some of the
most beautiful and well maintained cars I have ever seen. By far,
though, the best element of working with Russell is the reliability. My
supervisors are perpetually overbooked and overscheduled. Given their
hectic days, it is quite necessary for any car reservations to be right
on time. I always know that when I make a reservation with Russell, I
can leave the office with all confidence that there will be no problems.
Russell runs his business like a pro - absolutely the best I have seen
yet. Again, I would enthusiastically recommend him. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call.  
Sarah Beth Sortino
Ospraie Advisors, L.P.

Please forgive me for not getting these pictures to you sooner. We have
been in Houston Texas for our daughter Jessica to undergo clinical trials. 
The Cleveland Clinic has declared her as terminally ill and says there is 
nothing further that they can do for her.

You was an amazing help with our trip to NYC and we can't thank you enough 
for you generosity. Your willingness to donate your time and resources was 
greatly appreciated by the entire Stayer family.

Please place these pictures on your website and let me know how we may 
write a caption or letter to express our appreciation to the ABC Limo 

Thank You again.
Becky Stayer

PS.. Aaron still talks about your fabulous suit.
PSS...Just in case you can cut and paste this onto your web site:

Dearest Russell ABC NYC Limo;

I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generosity and 
hospitality during our stay in New York. Your professionalism and 
knowledge of the area as well as scenic sights was a godsend. We would 
highly suggest your company to anyone looking for a safe, fun, 
knowledgeable ride through NYC. On behalf of the entire Stayer family we 
extend our deepest appreciation.

Jessica Stayer/ Aaron Heath
North Canton, Ohio

Thank you Russell for your e-mail. 
I have co-workers that will be going to NY over the next few months and I've already told them about our positive experience with your company (I've also given them all of your contact information so they can contact ABC when they reach the city).   
Our other two drivers that we had were fabulous & very knowledgeable.  Thank you again and  take care.
C. Clark


It was great to see New York thru your eyes.  
Your enthusiasm and knowledge of the different areas added to our overall enjoyment of the Tour. 
We are so please we were able to have you as our guide. 
We will be referring you to all our friend when they visit New York.
Thanks again,
Mary and Vicque

Hey Russell,

Your baby is adorable!  Congratulations.  Thanks so much for sending the pictures.

As for my comments on your service: 
So often I’ve been driven into cities I don’t know very well wondering what all the buildings are, where exactly I am in relation to where I am going, etc. 
I loved riding with you because you knew everything about New York and were willing to share. 
You answered all my questions and filled me in on movie trivia and historical facts. 
I also thought it was fun that you had healthy snacks for me and that you played Frank Sinatra songs as we drove into Manhattan. 
Overall your service was friendly and professional. 
You’re quite a character Russell and really run a great service. 


Happy New Year, Russell!
Jim and I were watching the movie " Two for the Money" with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey the other night. 
Al Pacino's character owns a business (and lives in the building) in Brooklyn. 
It is a brick building facing the NYC view you took us to. 
Its across the street from the dock under the Brooklyn Bridge and the ice cream store we got coffee at. 
The camera pans the ice cream store, the dock (they have a children's party right in the spot we were standing) and they even have a camera shot of the Gulf gas station right when you come over the bridge (where they work on the old cars). 
They also show some of the brownstones we were looking at. 
Jim and I got such a kick out of seeing that so soon after we had just been there! 
If you haven't seen the movie, you should rent it.  Its about sports betting.
Again, thanks for taking us there!
~Jody Reimler



I only spoke very briefly with Jennifer and she said it was great and very personalized.
She said she would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to do something different in NYC.

Jeanette Errett
Escape Planner
Private Escapes Destination Clubs



I was very impresssed with your service and efficiency.
My daughter Mariai felt very comfortable too as she knew that your colleague was already waiting for her before she even came out. I was very relieved to hear that too. Thank you for the extra care .
Kind Regards,


It was a pleasure meeting you, too, Russell...and we thank you again for your gracious ride into the city and your engaging company...we will write about you soon, Warmly, Bill

Editor and Publisher, ENTREE Travel Newsletter


Once again, thanks for coming by yesterday. 
It was great to finally meet you and so far our company is very happy with your services. 
You do go the extra yard to make sure that the passenger is well taken care of and it is appreciated.

Marie Bonilla
Executive Assistant
Mesirow Financial Consulting

As usual, your service was "Superb"..!
Thank you,
Jack Nobben

Hi Russell,

Thank you so much!
I did not know that you did that..
As always you give the best service and
we appreciate that. It is so refreshing to have someone like you to depend on!

Thanks again!


"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe."

Anatole France

"The older I get, the more I travel, the less I know."
All my best wishes for the happiest of holidays full of peace and love. 

Bill Tomicki,
Editor and Publisher, ENTREE


Thank you again for all your  help returning my wallet. Please feel free to use the quote  below:

‘Russell is extraordinarily focused on customer service and  always has his client’s interests at heart. Reliable, honest, trustworthy –  exactly the kind of partner everyone is looking for and lucky to  have.’

Thanks again, jen

JEN  SWIDLER • Vice President, Creative Director
The August Jackson Company


Dear Russell:

I wanted to thank you for all of your help last week while in the New York area. 
I have been doing business in the city for years and never experienced such a smooth trip as what I experienced last week.
Your a professional and a one of a kind experience today. 
Your flexibility was awesome as my schedule moved a little each day, and I am grateful.
I was at a Superbowl party on Sunday with a friend who’s wife was visiting New York . 
I had no idea how long she was going to be shopping in the city, but the first thing I said to him was if you need a Town Car service in the city, let me tell you about this guy Russell Figaredo at ABC /NYC Limo. 
Unfortunately she returned on Monday, but you have developed a raving fan...and that is good news for you and your company. 
As discussed, I will see you in March on my next trip.  Thanks again. 


Clint Sly
duPont Registry
A Buyer’s Gallery of Fine Automobiles



Anyway..  just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate your GREAT SERVICE and CARE,  You are very easy to work with and the clients are really happy too, and that makes us look great!

Terri Melchiorre
Grays Travel

To Whom It May Concern:
I had the pleasure of hiring Russell Figaredo and ABC NYC/UNITED Limousine recently to drive me in New York.
As a veteran of over 50 years of luxury travel, I can honestly say this was an unparalleled experience of quality.
Mr. Figaredo is, first of all, a gentleman and exuberant company to be with. His limousine was in top shape and immaculately clean.
Mr. Figaredo was 100% reliable and always on time and extremely knowledgeable  about New York, its sights and attractions and the many ways to maneuver in traffic.
I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
He is a true treasure be your travel business or pleasure.
Editor and Publisher, ENTREE Travel Newsletter


I am very pleased to add my praise for the services of Russell Figaredo and his ABC NYC/United Limousine. 
I met Russell more than 2 years ago when a California-based friend staying at the Lowell Hotel used his services while in New York. 
In my opinion, Russell's services are unique in New York City. 
First, his cars are in pristine condition - no dents, no dirt, no worn carpets, no peculiar aromas - instead a brand new shiny black car which is a pleasure to share with others. 
All too often, car services are an embarrassment when picking up lady friends but with Russell there is no such problem. 
Quite the contrary, my lady friends are delighted with the fresh clean atmosphere. 
Next, Russell is always punctual, often ahead of time for the pick up. 
And most impressively of all, he has never failed to be there when the evening is over. 
And that I can assure you is worth any price to avoid the chronic anxiety throughout an evening that there will be no one outside after a lovely evening at the opera or a restaurant, especially when rain or cold makes an exit difficult. 
And finally to add a perfect touch, Russell has an extensive music library with an emphasis on big bands and Sinatra so one's guest is treated not only to a perfect car but perfect music, no talk(!) as well! 
And it should be noted that Russell dresses the part - double breasted suit and Borsalino hat!


Bruce C. Horten MD
National Medical Director
Genzyme Genetics


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care we received from you while we were in New York. 
You made a very stressful time for me go very smoothly. 
With 10 different executives arriving and departing from all three airports at numerous times, it was a great relief for me that they were all met on time with a friendly face. 
I received several comments on what a superb job your company did. 
ABC Limo is a class act and we will utilize your services whenever we find ourselves in New York again.

Thanks again,

Christa R. Morrow
Executive Assistant to Stanton E. Ross
Digital Ally, Inc.

To Russell and the people at ABC NYC United Limousine:
My husband and I were absolutely delighted with your town car service that we used on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. Our driver (Hanif - I'm sure that I am misspelling his name) was wonderful. He picked us up promptly. He was an excellent driver, courteous, and interesting to talk to. I would use him and your service again. I would also recommend your company to my friends visiting NY.

Thank you again for the great service.

Ronnie & Tom Rosen 

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